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About Me

I'm Richard Ke Xu, graduate student, computer vision researcher, and deep learning consumer. My research mainly focus on the perception problems related to autonomous driving. I also have past research experience with deep learning, distributed training, and remote sensing.

I am an upcoming PhD candidate in Computer Science at University of Southern California working with Prof. Ulrich Neumann. I graduated with M.S. in CS at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, advised by Prof. Katie Driggs-Campbell. Prior to my graduate study, I finished my B.S. in Computer Engineering at the ECE department of UIUC.

When I'm not working, I spend my time on tennis, aviation, and travel.


  • I will join Prof. Ulrich Neumann's lab as a PhD candidate in Computer Science at University of Southern California in Spring 2021. I will be mainly working on autonomous vehicle related 2D/3D vision.

  • I will be working as a Perception Intern at NVIDIA Autonomous Vehicles Team the summer of 2020. I work on obstacle perception core algorithm development (detection, tracking, association...) for NVIDIA AutoNet.

  • I will be working as a Research Assistant at NCSA HAL Cluster team in Spring 2020. I will help HAL users scale up their deep learning and computer vision code across multiple GPUs and multiple cluster nodes.

Autonomous Driving

Vehicle Decision Making

Distributed Deep Learning

Deep Learning & Remote Sensing